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“Your selfless and inspiration service to the community, and your professional accomplishments exemplifies how one person can make profound differences in the lives of others. I commend you for your exceptional record of service.”

Dianne Feinstein,
United States Senator for California

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"Taschner’s devotion to fighting oppression earned American Bar Association’s Lawyer of the Year Award. Taschner achieved national recognition, Taschner truly brings honor to his profession.”
U.S. Senate Tribute to Taschner

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Rated #1 US News & World Report

"Lawyer of the Year Award...Through your outstanding leadership and advocacy, you have provided the voice of justice in protecting the basic human rights of your clients." Governor of California

"One of the country's most sought after, influential, recognized, and successful trial lawyers."

Legal problems can be incredibly stressful. During challenging times, a skilled and reliable attorney can make a great difference in the outcome of a legal matter.  Founded in 1991 by Dana Taschner (two-time Lawyer of the Year), Taschner Law Firm is a proven top-rated national law firm, engaging in important cases to serve our clients, while receiving numerous national Client Champion Awards.  We have earned a national reputation for significant cases, fierce advocacy, and committed representation.


National Client Champion Award

"Stands out for stellar service"

Martindale-Hubbell's Client Champion Award recognizes attorneys excelling at service as affirmed by their clients. The awards "demonstrate an ongoing commitment to delivering excellent client service."  Taschner has received multiple Platinum Client Champion Awards, the highest national level award based on client reviews. 

With exceptional legal experience, practical solutions, and professional integrity, Taschner Law Firm is focused on practice areas requiring significant legal experience and proven ability:

We put complex legal issues into language that our clients understand. We fight for our clients in every situation. We treat clients with respect and dignity.  We invest our time and care to make sure that clients understand the legal process.  Our goal for each client is to secure the best possible outcome in every case. 

When you face life-impacting challenges, you deserve an attorney who will listen, who will skillfully fight for you, and will pursue justice on your behalf.    All states have laws restricting the filing of lawsuits, so please act promptly to preserve your legal rights.

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"Lawyer of the Year Award. 

Through your outstanding leadership and advocacy, you provided the voice of justice in protecting the basic human rights of your clients."

Governor of California

Taschner Law Firm

Ranked No. 1 by U.S. News & World Report

Lawyer of the Year


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