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"Taschner possesses the perfect combination of knowledge, experience... While Taschner's expansive portfolio and extraordinary success record are unmatched, you would never know it based on Taschner's collected and relaxed demeanor. Unlike many attorneys who have oversized egos and something to prove, Taschner simply gets down to business with a tremendous reputation for getting the job done."   Review in Best Lawyers in America.

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  • Personal Injury
  • Product Injury
  • Medical Injury
  • Recalled Drugs
  • Medical Device Injury 
  • Wrongful Death
  • Unsafe vehicles 
  • Toxic Torts & Environmental Claims (Oil Spill, Fire Claims)
  • Intellectual Property,  Media, Entertainment 
  • Business & Financial Litigation
  • Constitutional Claims, Equal Protection, Civil Rights
  • International Litigation & Arbitration

Rated #1 US News & World Report

"Lawyer of the Year Award...Through your outstanding leadership and advocacy, you have provided the voice of justice in protecting the basic human rights of your clients." Governor of California


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