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Entertainment law involves a diverse body of enterprises, ranging from traditional areas such as film, television, and music to new and constantly developing areas and mediums such as the Internet, interactive software, and multimedia. While “Entertainment” litigation is not one specialized field of law, it draws upon the law of intellectual property with increasing attention and value to technology and intellectual property rights. Entertainment law may involve intellectual property issues involving copyright, trademark, publicity rights, and patent rights. Entertainment disputes arise in a variety of settings and may involve complex, multi-party, contractual and licensing issues, new media rights, income and profitability disputes, ownership or distribution rights, labor-management disputes, work-for-hire disputes, merchandising disputes, artist/player contract issues and fee disputes, and claims for defamation or libel.

We have a long history of engagement in entertainment litigation, creative and artist's rights, and related litigation. We have been engaged in entertainment-based litigation in media, motion picture, music, DVD, video, software, and related industries for many years. We have served as lead counsel in domestic and international copyright, distribution, royalty, license, credit and net profits matters in the US and abroad. We are selective in the cases we accept, making an effort to work on a smaller volume of matters that present important issues and substantial claims.

We have been involved in major motion picture disputes involving major Hollywood studios, leading international film distribution companies, and leading media executives in North America and Europe with proceedings throughout the United States and Canada. We have also been involved in representing entities or individuals before industry organizations such as the Directors' Guild, Screen Actor's Guild, and other entertainment and production trade organizations.

Entertainment clients: Our entertainment clients have been business entities involved in the production of major motion pictures, music, and television. We have also represented individual producers, directors and artists.

Entertainment lawyers: We have handled disputes and litigation in a wide range of areas, including:

  • copyright infringement
  • work for hire disputes
  • trademark infringement
  • right of publicity and privacy
  • unfair competition
  • anti-counterfeiting
  • licensing and merchandising disputes
  • defamation (slander/libel)
  • trade libel
  • domain name disputes and other Internet-related matters
  • New media
  • software
  • interactive games
  • trade secrets
  • misappropriation
  • pay or play disputes
  • motion picture underwriting
  • motion picture distribution
  • royalties
  • net profit distributions

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