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Karen C. Recommends Dana Taschner

"I just wanted to say thank you, Dana, for the help you have provided at your website, so I could understand my situation and rights. A horrid incident happened to me resulting in fraud perpetrated against me and I deserve vindication and restitution. Again, thank you for the education and it was my mother, with 10,000 followers, that went to Congress; late 50's/60's resulting in the 72 hours grace period after signing any contract. If alive, she would totally respect you/your willingness to help consumers; as they stated she was a pre-Ralph Nadar and spent her life educating the Consumer. Sincerely, Karen C."

– Karen C.

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"Lawyer of the Year Award...Through your outstanding leadership and advocacy, you have provided the voice of justice in protecting the basic human rights of your clients." Governor of California


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